About Us

On the mark with the right combination of technical and service surety

For just over 20 years our business has been a partnership based around Robert Hedley’s determination to ensure we embrace the very latest technical developments, and David Littleboy’s relentless customer service ethic. In recent years this has expanded to a wider team who have allowed us to grow our business without ever losing sight of the two core elements of our business.

Our growing team understand the two core founding principles which when combined ensure our clients receive the highest level of service, are comfortable with the advice given and above all our trading relationships are based upon TRUST without which we have no relationships.

In recent years new premises and a significant investment in hardware, systems and technology have enabled us to offer a wider service proposition included fully hosted systems and Private Cloud Backup along with tailored products and SharePoint development. These investments have ensured we maintain complete control of our client’s data and can manage their systems end to end.

We are currently focusing on ensuring our clients obtain Cyber Security Essentials Plus and we are assisting with their progress towards being GDPR Ready.

These are exciting times as we push the boundaries of what is technically possible whilst protecting our clients best interests.