Sectors We Serve

Some of the Industries we work with...

We have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of different business and helped all our customers adapt to the new need to work from home and keep businesses running effectively. No matter the industry we have the expertise to fully support you and your business with all IT needs.

We provide quick to deploy tech to make sure you can operate seamlessly from wherever you and your team are located remotely during this unprecedented time.

We understand the pressures you are under at the moment to have your workforce connected through technology, and we know how to make this work for your specific needs.


Manufacturing is undergoing the industry’s greatest change in more than 100 years, the way we build and deliver goods and products has changed, with the introduction of the Internet of Things, automation and more artificial intelligence. We understand the industry changes and we deliver core Managed IT services as outsourced IT for a number of organisations in manufacturing.

Cloud computing is also driving advancements for industry, including Plant Hire companies, where we also have extensive outsourced IT expertise and experience to help them streamline performance, and distribution activity, amongst others. Overlapping with plant hire is the Construction industry, working interdependently, and we understand the demands of both sectors when it comes to optimum IT infrastructure.

Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is another industry we know, and are fully aware of the need to embrace disruption in a highly competitive environment.

The Education sector is also an area where we supply IT services with an integrated approach to cover all needs of education-based IT, including being safe online, prevention, and others.

With us you’ll find we adapt to the industry we are working with and quickly adopt a full comprehension and context in which you operate and identify your needs that seek solutions.

For all the industries we have worked with, we have full understanding of the need to capture the real implications of having the best IT advances and systems in place.

Giving you more from technology

We solve and simplify complex tech challenges with depth of knowledge, IT leadership and teamwork.

And help your business to grow through designing, protecting, and supporting your systems – taking away the worry of technology through outsourcing your IT department.

What our clients are saying

ITSOL provided PFP and various other companies that I was associated with timely and efficient IT support and advice. David, Rob and the team would respond to all urgent IT needs 7 days a week and would spend weekends updating our computer servers / desk computers to ensure that we did not lose any “working down time” in normal working hours. A service I was very grateful for and would find hard to replicate

Ross Hyett, Senior Partner, PFP Financial Planning

An outstanding external IT company. The staff from Director down are always extremely helpful.

The best part about ITSOL is there proactive approach to helping, not just reactive. Always suggesting ways to create a more efficient business, not just keep the business ticking over.

Louis Maddison

ITSOL allow us to focus on our core business – accountancy & tax planning – they evaluate our hardware and gradually improve our systems. We are large enough to require a sophisticated network but too small to need in house IT professionals. Working in finance we need to be sure that our systems are robust and ITSOL solve these problems for us in a friendly manner with first class service, always there when we need them.

Sharon Clipperton, Winn