IT Consultancy

Our IT Consultancy goes further than just assigning you a ‘tech assistant’ – we partner you with a dedicated IT expert. The structures and solutions they put in place are designed to help you meet your business objectives.

Many in-house IT departments are stretched thin and are therefore limited to covering the day-to-day basics. Turn to us and we can help you with every type of IT task, big or small.

It begins with an initial meeting where your advisor will capture every single detail of your IT operation and aspirations. You won’t have to explain the same information to several different people. From then on, they’ll work with you to develop a practical roadmap and put a sensible IT structure in place.

Our IT Consultancy Helps Your Business Thrive

Your consultant has seen it all before, so they’ll know the best way to approach each IT strategy, solution, and infrastructure. From the simplest suggestions all the way to complete IT overhauls, they’re your technical and business partner.

Cloud Services

Is cloud technology something you’d like to know more about? Maybe you’re not getting enough out of your existing system? We’ll point you in the right direction.

Data Recovery

Your data is only as valuable as the medium it’s stored on. Our consultants can help you put the most dependable procedures in place.

Customised Expert Advice

Our consultant will always be there for you. They have a thorough knowledge of your IT configuration and they’ll only suggest solutions that are a perfect fit for you.


Looking to upgrade your architecture? How do you know if the new hardware is compatible with your existing equipment? We can take care of that for you.

Our consultants will help you realise just how much an effective IT consultant can help you fulfil your business potential. Whether it’s a small fix or a network re-organisation, you can rely on them to provide the right solution.

Your consultant will use all their experience to help you make important decisions and manage the network efficiently. We don’t rest until you’re getting the best possible support for your team – with the results to prove it. For every technical breakdown, system error, or security threat, they’ll be by your side and ready to assist.

Expert Advice You Can Trust – Always Ready to Help

Your consultant is with you every step of the way. We don’t offer ‘quick-fix’ solutions or stringent tools that aren’t built to last. Instead, your consultant will be prepared to oversee every element of your IT operation and configuration with you. That includes daily troubleshooting and simple maintenance, but it also includes tasks that help develop your long-term technical strategy.

And since they’re available on a consultancy basis, you only pay for what you need. There are no overheads. Rather, you only pay for the services that you actually want, when you need them.

What our clients are saying

ITSOL provided PFP and various other companies that I was associated with timely and efficient IT support and advice. David, Rob and the team would respond to all urgent IT needs 7 days a week and would spend weekends updating our computer servers / desk computers to ensure that we did not lose any “working down time” in normal working hours. A service I was very grateful for and would find hard to replicate

Ross Hyett, Senior Partner, PFP Financial Planning

An outstanding external IT company. The staff from Director down are always extremely helpful.

The best part about ITSOL is there proactive approach to helping, not just reactive. Always suggesting ways to create a more efficient business, not just keep the business ticking over.

Louis Maddison

ITSOL allow us to focus on our core business – accountancy & tax planning – they evaluate our hardware and gradually improve our systems. We are large enough to require a sophisticated network but too small to need in house IT professionals. Working in finance we need to be sure that our systems are robust and ITSOL solve these problems for us in a friendly manner with first class service, always there when we need them.

Sharon Clipperton, Winn

We put ourselves at the centre of your organisation. Our priority is your business success, and we install, support, and configure the best IT solution that allows you to move forward efficiently.