Are you considering relocating your Business’s IT Infrastructure?

You may be looking at moving office locations from one town to the next. Or you need to relocate your office IT to another floor or building block in the same location.

No matter the distance of the move, there is a lot of IT equipment and tech set up to relocate – with the least amount of disruption to your normal workflow and connectivity with your teams and customers.

Plus, you’re moving more than your IT equipment — you’re also relocating your staff, which can lead to hiccups in your day-to-day operations if anyone experiences delays.

As recently as a generation ago, relocating a business was a relatively simple task. You hired professional movers to take care of the furniture and larger pieces of equipment, and your staff boxed and moved the small stuff. Nowadays, however, you have to plan for moving your technology along with your furniture and equipment.

So, basically, all you want to know is that you’re in a safe pair of hands to pack up your IT in one place, transport it, unpack and set it up again in your new place, and be working again as soon as possible. Simple?


Moving your IT infrastructure and having an IT Partner on hand to help

Whether you’re a large, medium or small company, relocating your IT infrastructure is an undertaking. It involves intensive planning and coordination with your IT team and your internet provider. When moving your office to a new location and resetting up, you need to make sure you have all the bases covered and can hit the ground running at your new location.

Most businesses rely extensively on computer systems in their daily operations, and you need to take into account the logistical realities that go along with it.

And if you don’t have a regular IT partner, moving your complex IT can prove even more challenging.

With ITSOL, we offer more than 25 years of experience in providing businesses with managed IT solutions. As your partner, you can trust us to assist you throughout the process of relocating your business’s IT infrastructure so when you make the move, it’s seamless and hassle-free.


Some of how we can help

Each IT relocation is different, and we take your unique business infrastructure and set up into consideration.

  • Data cabling for the new office
  • Assistance with the selection and configuration of a suitable business broadband connection, along with a negotiator for your ISP
  • Management for the shutdown and transfer of your IT infrastructure to your new office
  • Advice on how best to take advantage of the move to re-setup your IT systems to improve your server and network performance
  • Installation and configuration of existing and additional infrastructure at the new location

Our IT Experts are experienced in managing and reconfiguring routers, workstations, servers, firewalls, cloud resources and VPNs.


Some tips on planning your IT relocation

Relocating in the age of tech means that you’ll need to plan carefully.

Planning and Organisation

  • Who is in charge of the move? Have one point of contact. Appointing one person to head up the move is one of the smartest decisions you can make. This person will be the go-to when questions arise, and when coordination is needed between the business on the move and the IT relocation team.
  • Who is moving your stuff? Do you have a trusted and professional moving company with the right team and equipment to move your items? Insured service, of course!
  • Who will be the designated equipment handler?
  • Who is contacting your service providers, and when? And a timeline schedule for these changes


  • Do you have a floor plan? It will help service providers to prepare your new location for their services. And it will help your IT relocation team to plan ahead
  • Where is your IT equipment room located, and what are the needs? Make sure your IT equipment is protected with adequate power back up and surge protection, fire suppression, and physical security measures


  • Power, cabling and bandwidth – are these ready for you to move in? The wiring and cabling in your new space should be able to support your business’s needs. Your servers, workstations, printers, and other equipment will need the right wiring and power points.
  • Phone systems and internet access are essential, and if you are downsizing or upsizing, you will need to have these up and running with minimal disruption for the relocation
  • What are the power requirements?
  • Are you moving with physical servers, or is it time to pre-plan a move to the cloud?
  • Considerations for VPN, Remote Access, and any other applications

IT Audit:  Planning for changes in equipment, and timeous upgrades

  • What equipment should you bring with you and what should be replaced? Downsizing or consolidating office space also gives you an opportunity to examine your current equipment and plan for more effective and efficient options
  • Compile an overview of your hardware to see if you are packing up obsolete equipment that can rather be disposed of through reuse and recycle schemes
  • Use this relocation time as one for upgrading your IT – speak to your IT partner to help you consolidate and optimise your choices in a strategic way

Managed Services

  • What downtime should you expect? How much downtime can your business tolerate? This can affect the timing of your planned IT relocation to fit in with your quieter business hours
  • Is all of your data backed up in the cloud, if you work across cloud and offsite data?
  • How do you get back up and running online, with minimal loss of time?
  • What is your Business Continuity Plan?
  • And what is your budget?


Successful Relocation is a result of planning ahead, planning well, and engaging with the right IT partner and removals company to make it all happen as smoothly as possible.

In today’s tech-driven business world, businesses choose to relocate for a number of reasons. From consolidating locations, or reducing the need for office space by their teams working remotely, or in a hybrid fashion and sharing hot desks.

A successful relocation plan includes careful consideration for technology. And ITSOL helps businesses to assess their tech needs and assist with their IT relocation.


ITSOL is here to help you make the right decisions for your IT infrastructure in your office relocation. And to manage the process with an expert eye and reliable, safe, assured pair of hands.

Ready for your IT relocation?

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