Firewall & WiFi

Our managed Firewall and WiFi services ensure your team is always connected and, more importantly, is always safe at work.


A fundamental part of Managed IT is looking after your network and keeping it secure. We use multiple firewalls to protect network traffic, restrict the flow of sensitive data, and prevent any potential data breaches.

As well as keeping your business safe, the procedures that we put in place will also maintain your compliance with important data mandates. Business continuity is guaranteed and risk is greatly reduced.


But your business is only as capable as its WiFi network, the firewall and access points should work in tandem. That’s why we also offer unparalleled WiFi management services that equip your team with the best possible connection. Don’t waste your own valuable time configuring the network during any outage – leave it to us instead.

The Tools We Use to Keep Your Company Connected and Secure

We’ve been industry leaders for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about using the most appropriate tools and techniques to provide individual networks with the solution that works best for them. Your business is unique – and that means that the Firewall and WiFi services that we provide for you will be too.

Health Monitoring & Reporting

The firewalls constantly monitor the network for unique new cyber threats and keep your system safe from them.

Firewall Admin

Looking after firewalls and managing sensitive data can be a lot of work – we do all of that by constantly configuring, updating, and auditing your system for you.

WiFi as a Service

Our WiFi service goes way beyond connectivity. We also manage your connected hardware, carry out troubleshooting, and keep your network healthy.

Network Growth

Your business has big plans for the future – and you should be able to scale-up whenever you like. Our solutions are futureproofed to move forward with you.

We Take Care of Network Security, You Take Care of Business

Time is money. So why bother spending your precious time trying to install and manage complex IT networks? Focus on doing what you’re the best at, and we’ll take care of the IT foundation you rely on.

Although your dedicated tech advisor will be there to help you with any firewall and WiFi requests, they’ll be able to help with just about anything else you need. Your advisor can help put new structures in place and integrate new technologies, all while keeping your day-to-day operations secure.

We help you succeed

Our Managed IT services oversee system security and network strength so that you have the technology platform you need to make things happen.

What our clients are saying

ITSOL provided PFP and various other companies that I was associated with timely and efficient IT support and advice. David, Rob and the team would respond to all urgent IT needs 7 days a week and would spend weekends updating our computer servers / desk computers to ensure that we did not lose any “working down time” in normal working hours. A service I was very grateful for and would find hard to replicate

Ross Hyett, Senior Partner, PFP Financial Planning

An outstanding external IT company. The staff from Director down are always extremely helpful.

The best part about ITSOL is there proactive approach to helping, not just reactive. Always suggesting ways to create a more efficient business, not just keep the business ticking over.

Louis Maddison

ITSOL allow us to focus on our core business – accountancy & tax planning – they evaluate our hardware and gradually improve our systems. We are large enough to require a sophisticated network but too small to need in house IT professionals. Working in finance we need to be sure that our systems are robust and ITSOL solve these problems for us in a friendly manner with first class service, always there when we need them.

Sharon Clipperton, Winn

We put ourselves at the centre of your organisation. Our priority is your business success, and we install, support, and configure the best IT solution that allows you to move forward efficiently.