Are you an IFA company using adviser office as your back office system?

How you can bring cost-effective, time-saving innovation to your IFA business model and back office system, to continue to stay relevant and competitive – including Adviser Office users – to enhance digital capabilities and overall customer experience:

“The wealth management industry is faced with challenges such as intense competition, fee compression, stricter regulations, and evolving customer needs. The impact of these forces and the response of industry stakeholders give rise to critical trends in customer preferences, new technologies, changing advisory models, and security and compliance.

Wealth management clients are becoming more astute about financial planning, and they are seeking digital capabilities and better advisory options. As technology continues to change rapidly, firms must be agile to enhance the overall experience of both their customers and wealth managers.”

Is your business is set up and running on Adviser Office, or a similar back office system?

  • Have you been wondering about switching back office systems?
  • What about the costs and disruption to your business while you undergo system change?
  • Are there other alternatives you haven’t come across yet that would change your mind?
  • And, importantly, what are the cost implications of this?

Back office technology and software also needs to keep pace with these drastic changes. It’s hard to keep up with the changing needs and the massive upheaval and capital costs that this entails.

Have you been considering moving away from Adviser Office – and more importantly, do you have to go through the headache of changing systems?

“Adviser Office remains a major force in terms of back office systems in the UK IFA sector,” says David Littleboy, ITSOL Managed Services Director and IT industry expert. “ITSOL has over twenty years in this market caring for our IFA clients, and although we look after clients who use all of the mainstream back office systems, we are acutely aware of the disruption caused when clients change back office systems in terms of staff retraining, customer familiarisation and general business interruptions.”

A core solution to this is our hosted remote desktop environment.

Having provided hosted solutions for our clients for some time, it is clear that there is a wider demand for a completely hosted remote desktop environment which contains not only Adviser Office, but also all of the other elements which integrate with AO including –

  • Microsoft Office applications
  • a realistic amount of data storage
  • a robust back up strategy including the requisite number of data restore points
  • remote desktop scanning
  • if required, a document management system
  • and, finally, connections to third party software vendors such as moneyinfo, who provide a first class product which, when added to Adviser Office and our hosted remote desktop environment, gives a hugely desirable matrix of products and services that takes away the mammoth headache of needing to change back office systems.


“Adviser Office is a robust system which, when brought into our hosted environment and when augmented by moneyinfo, gives clients the best possible overall proposition,” adds David Littleboy.

Sim Sangha, Business Development Director, moneyinfo limited, says: “We are seeing that many adviser businesses using Adviser Office are reluctant to switch to alternative systems due to the strong functionality it offers. Switching systems often involves staff disruption, significant re-training and data cleansing exercises. However these businesses also recognise the need to remove expensive servers and are aware that alternative options appear to offer better online and mobile client reporting solutions.  

ITSOL has recently launched a cloud-based managed service giving advisers the option to stay as they are, avoid any disruption and remove the expensive IT infrastructure currently in place.  As Adviser Office integrates well with moneyinfo’s bespoke client portals, firms stand to benefit from the strongest digital client reporting and communication experience available in the marketplace.”


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 Moving Adviser Office into the cloud as a hosted remote desktop environment solution will bring your business –

  • in line with market trends and keep you ahead of the curve
  • with the least amount of business disruption and cost;
  • an increase in productivity and customer experience;
  • with seamless flexibility, leverage integrations, and robust IT.

“Whatever the future looks like, it won’t look like it does today, and that’s hugely exciting for both advisers and their clients. So put constantly increasing capabilities from a more effective back-office next to rapidly changing regulation, and the opening out of custody and trading solutions in terms of their ability to integrate with other systems, and what you might get is the start of something quite interesting.”

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