As a financial adviser business, do you have all your core IT architecture in place?

Empowering advisers and clients through digital innovation and cloud computing

What is a key factor for financial services and wealth management businesses when it comes to running a profitable practice; to meet the rapidly changing financial industry when it comes to tech disruptors; and also to exceed client expectations?

To have reliable, suitable, robust, yet adaptable and responsive IT systems in place to support your total business needs.

IT Architecture and Strategy

Have you set your IT strategy and is it aligned to both your business goals and demands of your marketplace, providing solutions to your clients? Working closely with a skilled IT architect is essential to formulate the IT impact and technical decisions that will drive your business forward and stay ahead of the digital/tech curve.

Business value

Technology is an enabler – and what financial advisers need most is technology that helps serve clients better, more cost-effectively, and which is able to go across all segments.

Depending on your perspective, technology has either streamlined, or complicated, our lives. From an adviser’s perspective, there is no doubt that this evolution has enabled the streamlining of processes and to be more efficient, effective, and on the money for customers.

Being fully customer-centric is key to staying successful to meet their needs and expectations, which includes moving to the convenience of cloud computing and the anticipation, and ability, to access remotely at any time.

Your company’s technology workhorse – the back office system

These days, these can no longer be pigeon-holed as purely back office systems. They have morphed into full business management eco-systems with added capabilities, that includes providing a single view of client account aggregations, automated communications, enhanced privacy controls, secure messaging, and two-way document sharing, amongst others.

Advisers have to consider what needs to be configured, what the IT architecture and structure of the whole business is, and the programme of work to integrate systems. This is where a skilled IT architect and managed services provider is recommended to optimise the best options suited to your set up.

Sub-sectors in the fintech space

There are also sub-sectors in the fintech space that have to be taken into consideration in your IT architecture – such as payments, ecommerce, security, cryptocurrency, and any other fast-emerging marketplace changes and behaviours.

Cloud computing and remote desktop hosting

One login. One portal. Single view client account aggregation. All financial information in one place… that is also portable, mobile, and conveniently accessed from anywhere.

This the power of the cloud – and with cloud computing it instantly scales with you as your business scales. No matter which back office system you are using, our enhanced cloud services cover your business operation needs as well as back up and cyber security.

If you are one of the many thousands of IFA financial adviser businesses that are still using Adviser Office as your back office system, you can move your Adviser Office to our remote desktop hosting – and benefit your clients too.

Many adviser businesses using Adviser Office are reluctant to switch to alternative systems due to the strong functionality it offers. Are you one of these IFA businesses?

Do you know that you can keep Adviser Office AND move it to a hosted remote desktop environment, with all its add-on’s and benefits?

And an easy to use dashboard?

Here are 5 more good reasons to move all your wealth management and financial adviser business to our cloud –

especially if your back office system is Adviser Office – as our option gives you all the flexibility, technology and access without the headache and cost of changing systems:

Meet and exceed your client’s expectations in today’s rapidly evolving digital world by providing them with an all-encompassing portal to see and manage their portfolio



Both your employees and your clients increasingly depend on ‘on-the-move’ mobile, instant access to information



Reduce any manual processes that create work inefficiencies by moving your back office to our cloud environment



Ongoing enhancements and updates in keeping with industry and client prospects



Fully integrated, supported, and hosted desktop environment, including options for Microsoft Office applications, back up, data storage, document management system, and vendor software connections for client portal and user-friendly dashboard


…and added to these –

  • your desire to reduce capital expenditure requirements of locally hosted SQL systems
  • reduce the cost of employment for in-house IT staff
  • to have a system which is cloud-based, thereby giving better redundancy and easier remote accessibility of systems in general
  • No need to move away from Adviser Office if this back office system works for you

Time for a change? Are you ready to move?

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