Are you needing to pivot your workforce’s tech it for future hybrid working?

Managing your business and remote working IT through the pandemic.

The shape of things still to come – pivoting your tech for more remote and future hybrid working.

WORKING FROM HOME LOCKDOWN LIFE: Do any of these pictures resonate with the kinds of working from home challenges you and your team have had to manage while in lockdown?

Kitchen table. Coffee table. Taking care of kids and pets. Finding a good home working space.
Managing our businesses through the coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought some instant, important, and often radical challenges.

None more so than when it comes to connecting and interacting both with customers, and as a work team – using the best tech available to us. As a Managed Services and IT provider, we’re in the zone when it comes to effective remote working IT for your business. Here at ITSOL we’re especially in touch with IFA business IT needs.

How are the tech choices you have in place for your connectivity and security holding up?

Do you need any inspired ideas to see how you can improve your IT set up? We’re here to help you make it work with remote work!

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Phasing in hybrid working – and what this means for your business IT

It’s looking more and more like the return to work will happen in stages –

We’re needing to adjust our business culture, way of working, and putting excellent tech in place as we move through the four key stages of dealing with coronavirus:

  • Phase 1: Infection
  • Phase 2: Social Distancing
  • Phase 3: Management
  • Phase 4: Eradication

We’re fully into Phase 2, and need to look ahead and plan for Phase 3 – always reviewing and refining our approach. It is likely that it will involve a continuous back-and-forth between employees at the office, and employees at home, depending on virus control.

So it’s prudent to prepare for “hybrid work” — with some employees at home and some at work in continuously changing proportions. We must be able to flex our businesses between the two states seamlessly and easily.

Hybrid work will put new stresses on technology infrastructure — and the ability to maintain at-work and work-from-home tech at robust levels is paramount. This will be a new business requirement in Phase 3.

How our workforce feels will matter too

A recent survey also showed that more than 40% of working adults are afraid to go back to working in the office – and that ideally there should be enough flexibility and sensitivity to match employee emotion.

It is also during this phase that will be a test for companies – this is where we will distinguish ourselves with customers, employees, suppliers, and investors.

“In this crisis, our goal is to be the company that our employees are proud to work for, and our customers are happy to have on their side.”

The power of resilience
Business resilience in the face of this unprecedented crisis will be a huge advantage. It will help companies to recover faster, navigate hybrid work seamlessly, and keep delivering the best quality products and services to customers.

We are entering the New Normal – and a flexible balance between how to bring your workforce safely back to the office, continued remote working is dependent on reliable and effective technology.

Tech challenges

Unexpected challenges come up with this sudden pivoting to remote working. Things like –

  • Having the right number of software licences for all devices across the spread-out remote workforce
  • Or smooth-functioning video conferencing software
  • And secure file sharing
  • Secure servers too
  • Move to cloud hosting
  • New access permissions and secure passwords management
  • Better hardware – from laptops to screens and more

Do these sound like some of the tech challenges you’ve had to deal with in the past while?

Quick-response fulfilment of your business IT needs with ITSOL

We have our tech teams on standby and a suite of tech IT support offerings that include the above – and beyond – which can be implemented quickly and with minimum disruption, such as –

  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Office and email applications
  • Video conferencing – we set this up so that you, your team, and your customers can continue to be in touch and communicate with ease
  • Remote access
  • Data protection
  • Remote desktop services
  • Virtual telephone system in the cloud – when you need your phone system to function even when your staff are working from home
  • Financial application hosting, such as accounting and payroll software, back office systems


What you say matters

It’s not just what we say, it’s what you say that makes it even more worthwhile –

Our valued customers have rated us 99.7% positive service and experience with ITSOL out of 324 reviews – we’d love to make that even more through helping your business!

Or, have you tried to set up your tech inhouse and are finding it a bigger undertaking than you expected?

We’re finding that some organisations have been left behind and let down by their IT providers in the rush to go digital.
Time, expertise, and the quick-switch experience with the right tech solutions have been the most lacking.
We have all our clients fully up and running with their remote working tech solutions, and we have capacity to do the same for your business.

In this rapid digital shift to full remote working from home, we help you put in place, maintain, and trouble-shoot everything needed to work seamlessly with your team and clients.

For a quick response, our email address is –

[email protected] – or call 01924 383250

We’ll be in touch shortly, and gladly assist with the tech changes you are needing for your business IT and remote working, as well as any of your ‘business as usual’ needs.

Remote working is here to stay, in one form or another for the foreseeable future. More adaptation and integration – of people connectivity and business processes through technology – is what will make navigation through this era a success.