Education Technology makes it an exciting time to be in education

Although not every academic and education institution is adapting to all the new technology at the same rate, what is without doubt is the need to adopt new digital and IT and the impact that technology is already having. It is already providing engaging, immersive experiences for students, with huge scope for continued adoption of IT and ed tech. And it is supporting millions of learners to achieve their true potential.

From virtual and augmented reality adding value to learning experiences, to software for collecting and analysing data such as absence and lateness, and with the demand for applicable hardware and software, new ed tech touchpoints are constantly coming to the fore.

SO whether you are an education institution that belongs to schools and academies, further education, or higher education and universities, you are all undergoing quantum leaps in IT and digital transformation in the education sector.

‘Technology has made its way into most aspects of our lives, and the education sector has not escaped this. The way that schools and universities use technology and IT infrastructure has evolved massively in the past few decades, with the government placing a particular focus on digital transformation in schools and universities.

In 2015, £900 million was spent on technology in British schools and in a YouGov poll, 76 percent of teachers said they used technology in a way that assisted learning. If predictions from 2016 were correct, this number is now likely to be nearer 100 per cent.’

Another trend is the growing adoption of problem-solving approaches focused on real-world issues. The leaning towards problem-solving also ties in with the adoption into the national curriculum of the computing programme of study, with its emphasis on computational thinking, and learning and applying “coding” to real-life situations.

Says one industry expert, ‘It is amazing to think that AR is being used – and what this could mean for education. For example, in the discipline of the arts, imagine a similar tool for ‘seeing’ models in such diverse disciplines as theatre direction, lighting, product design, architecture and construction. Such an application would allow the learner to quite quickly present stunning visualisations and also help them to pre-empt any potential design problems, enabling them to explore alternatives without having to invest significant time and money in creating complex physical models.’

‘Perhaps one of the wider consequences of the current emphasis on education technology is that schools will become even more savvy and critical when it comes to buying equipment and services.’ Track record in the IT tech industry will be more important than ever in supplying Managed IT services.

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