In it for the long-term – Viable Managed IT Partner

ITSOL is a Long Term Thinking Company. This phrase sits comfortably with us. But what does this mean?

For starters, it creates the foundation for great client relationships – which we are super fortunate to enjoy. We’re in it for the long term and we’re always interested in providing high, lasting value and support.

In a soundbite world where rapid changes, impersonal mergers and acquisitions are the order of the day, our founding principle is to be here and fully present – with personal and committed continuity, as a viable and reliable outsourced IT partner for our much valued clients.

“We work with long-term vision, but with the benefit of vast knowledge and full access to all the latest technology and right applications for each client’s specific needs,” says ITSOL Co-Director, David Littleboy.

Long-standing. Long lasting. Time-honoured.

We believe in relationships that are founded in time-honoured value, two-way collaboration, attentive consistency, and reputable longevity.

“ITSOL is not just an outsourced IT company. We feel we’ve got friends as well. It is relationship-based,” says the Practice Manager from one of our longstanding clients.

“ITSOL is an exceptional and viable IT partner for our business. They provide us with the backbone for all our tech needs; help us to attain and maintain our IT objectives, and are an integral part of our business’s growth through their invaluable strategic IT input.”

Commitment. Care. Continuity.  One example of our long-term IT Partnering:

Read our full case study here – a first-rate example of our client commitment. It exemplifies just how incredibly important enduring client relationships are for us here at ITSOL.

It is part of our reputation, and our very foundation, one that we are exceptionally proud of. Client commitment matters to us. It is hugely important.

“This continuity and care is part of who ITSOL are, and it is applied every day and in every interaction,” says one of our clients.

Why is it so important to have long-term continuity?

As a business, we not only invest in ourselves and our own growth, but we apply the same approach to all of our client’s businesses too.

It is why we are here.

We see our role as part of investment and growth through the right technology package. And this is not an overnight thing, or fly-by-night fling. We start as we mean to go on!

“Since the start of the partnership with ITSOL’s IT services over twelve years ago, we continue to harness the right technology at the right time through ITSOL’s energy and efforts, to accommodate growing customer base and services, and supporting growth,” says our client.

Approaches for a Great Client Relationship

  • Our preference is to build relationships and partnerships with our clients that span years – a rarity these days, but we value these as a foundation for great client relationships.
  • Build up knowledge of a client’s business, so that insights are applied and aligned that make a real difference.
  • Spot new challenges, and offer solutions: We keep client challenges top of mind, and always have our sights on the next tech thing that will further add value to our client’s operations.
  • We seek to provide more value than cost. This is also how trust is built – another cornerstone of great relationships. We seek ways to grow and develop your business for the long-term, through realising the value of your investment in us.
  • Provide great output: useful, usable, desirable, forward-thinking.
  • Great communication: this is the life force of ITSOL

“We don’t ever have to feel nervous or worry about anything tech-related, as we have deep trust and unequivocal ‘knowing’ that ITSOL looks after all of this for us without hesitation.”

Our relationship with our clients is chief to anything and everything else. “ITSOL help us to make the Big decisions, as well as being the reliable and dependable ‘safe pair of tech hands’ support.”


So, we are a proudly Long Term Thinking Company, with rapid response to the ever-changing world of technology. But a company that you know is built upon longstanding and in-depth, important client relationships.

ITSOL is your perfect outsourced IT Partner for your business’s future vision.

Speak to one of our trusted people about coming on board for the long term. Our own business model is the same long term view.

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