ITSOL is committed to using 100 percent renewable energy

With the effects of climate change looming large, we’ve made an ethical business commitment to use 100 percent renewable energy, significantly reducing our carbon footprint by making this crucial switch.

We’ve signed up to Haven Power which is responsibly-sourced biomass electricity for business, and it feels good to be doing our part in reducing environmental impact.

As a technology-based business, we are aware that technology also contributes to global warming. Technology has brought huge, quantum benefits and efficiencies; at the same time all our modern gadgets and digital world require manufacturing processes, power, and data centre warehouses as well – which, in turn, contribute to emissions and global warming.

“Industrialisation and technology has led to the current global warming threat. We can rely on the same innovation inherent in humans to push back against the threat. It is obvious that renewable energy is one of the most effective solutions against global warming. Thankfully, renewable technology is advancing rapidly to provide affordable and efficient alternative power sources for a growing population,” says a United Nations climate change spokesperson.

Smart technology needs smart solutions

“Smart technology needs smart solutions. We were committed to find the best business solution for us, and encourage our customers and associates to do the same,” says David Littleboy, ITSOL Director. “So we are thrilled to have made the switch through our highest commitment to seek the right renewable energy for our business, and to make a difference.”