Working Remotely With Top Tech Solutions Has Become A Lifeline For UK Businesses


Are you fully geared up and connected with your business IT? One of the thousands of organisations and millions of employees required to work from home across the UK?

Digital has moved from a nice-to-have cost reducer or growth engine. Now it’s proving to be the only way to do business. But many companies just aren’t set up to be truly digital. It’s not an exaggeration to say that doing digital brilliantly is now a matter of survival and urgency.

Is your tech still not properly connected for remote working? Are you unhappy with your current IT provider? We’re here to help

There has never been a more important time to be truly digital. Working remotely has become a lifeline for businesses during this time of a catalytic pandemic. Coronavirus has introduced an immediate new concept in our lives of enforced self-isolating and social distancing.

Effective Remote Working Solutions now

Does your business need a solution to enable your staff to work-from-home while still being able to securely access all of your critical business systems and remain productive? We can help, and we can help quickly.

We have a suite of offerings to address this scenario which can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and with minimum disruption.

WE ARE HERE, FULLY EQUIPPED, AND READY TO HELP YOU – email us: [email protected]

We have our tech teams on standby and a suite of tech IT support offerings. All your tech needs can be implemented quickly and with minimum disruption, such as –

  • File sharing and collaboration – easy collaboration and secure file sharing from anywhere
  • Office and email applications – access anywhere, on any device
  • Video conferencing – we set this up so that you, your team, and your customers can continue to be in touch and communicate with ease
  • Remote access – Cloud and VPN to access critical systems in a secure and controlled manner.
  • Data protection – we provide solutions to ensure that all remote users data is backed up and is protected from cyber security attacks.
  • Remote desktop services – provide highly secure and tightly controlled access to normal IT services without exposing the business to data loss or theft.
  • Virtual telephone system in the cloud – when you need your phone system to function even when your staff are working from home
  • Financial application hosting, such as accounting and payroll software

“We have helped all our customers adapt to the new and urgent need to work from home and keep their businesses running effectively. We are here, fully open, and available with full support to help your business”, says David Littleboy, Director of ITSOL Managed IT Services.

“If your business needs a solution to enable your staff to work from home while still being able to securely access all of your critical business systems and remain productive, we can help.”


The future of remote working

We may well see the future of work being shaped right now by these events, with more remote and mobile working ahead. But all of this is presenting a real challenge for businesses, as many are not set up to fully operate remotely.

Quick, decisive solutions

So, now is the time to have effective remote working solutions for your workforce – quick, decisive and informed solutions tailored for your own organisation’s set up. An effective solution that will work immediately in this moment of immense challenge, as well as in the time ahead.

“In all of the doom and gloom, amazing things have been happening”, says one industry insider. “Things are changing, I was talking to a senior banker in an organisation who’d been struggling to embrace remote work properly. They couldn’t get the systems working, or the working patterns. They’d spent money, hired specialists, everything. Six years into trying to crack remote work and they hadn’t done it. It’s taken a crisis to get it done”.

For the financial sector, from big banks to financial advisers and wealth management companies – just one of the many sectors deeply affected by this pandemic crisis – it has shone a light on key problems that need solving, many that involve a digital shift.

“Hard times sometimes force us to do difficult things we probably should have done sooner, and it’s now mission critical to get digital right”.

When it’s a case of keeping the lights on and weathering the storm, having truly sound tech for your company is no longer a growth option; it’s survival.

ITSOL is a Managed Services IT company here to help businesses survive, grow, and thrive through tech excellence.