Cyber Essentials

Is cyber security something that you need to address but don’t know where to begin? Leave it to the experts instead.

Cyber security can be overwhelming – even for those of us that are experienced and highly trained. Advanced, malicious threats are ingeniously designed to penetrate weak infrastructures, fool intelligent users, and quickly manipulate software.

The question isn’t whether or not you need cyber security – it’s a matter of how much you’re willing to invest in it. In fact, the risk of cyber threats is so great that the UK Government has developed a Cyber Essentials framework to mitigate the most common risks.

Cyber Essentials is a great place to begin, and our consultants will help you put the best tools, technologies, and protection in place. We put ourselves at the heart of your business with services that you’ll quickly come to depend on.

Intelligent Cyber Threats Need Intelligent Security

In 2019 alone, 61% of UK firms reported some form of cyber threat. Forget the stereotype of threats that only target multi-billion dollar firms and the world’s biggest agencies: cyber threats come in many shapes and forms, designed to attack any business they can benefit from.

We make sure you’re not one of them.

Security Assessment

If we spot potential weaknesses, then cyber threats will too. After an initial evaluation, we highlight areas of your IT network that need extra protection.

Internet Gateways and Firewalls

Specialised tools such as internet gateways prevent unauthorised access to your network. A combination of firewalls can provide even more security.

Staff Training

Is your team able to identify threats, scams, and spam? Equipping your staff with cyber security skills is half the battle – and we can help you train them.

Virus and Malware Protection

Despite advances in cyber technology, viruses and malware are still common threats. We install the best software from our trusted partners.

The Cyber Essentials You Need to Continue Working Safely

We’re a small team of dedicated experts with a big focus on protecting your firm. We’re always available, ready to help, and happy to customise solutions specific to your needs.

You’ll get to know everybody in our team due to our proactive, committed approach. All the way from high-level interruptions to network-crippling attacks, an expert will be by your side to explain the threat that’s posed and how you’re protected.

Don’t take the risk when it comes to cyber security. As well as losing revenue and intellectual property, you could find yourself with serious GDPR issues and loss of reputation. Outsource your IT security to us and we do the hard work for you.

Our Services Keep You Secure

Our solutions are designed to help you succeed. For more information on the latest technologies, safest tools, and best configurations, get in touch with our team.

What our clients are saying

ITSOL provided PFP and various other companies that I was associated with timely and efficient IT support and advice. David, Rob and the team would respond to all urgent IT needs 7 days a week and would spend weekends updating our computer servers / desk computers to ensure that we did not lose any “working down time” in normal working hours. A service I was very grateful for and would find hard to replicate

Ross Hyett, Senior Partner, PFP Financial Planning

An outstanding external IT company. The staff from Director down are always extremely helpful.

The best part about ITSOL is there proactive approach to helping, not just reactive. Always suggesting ways to create a more efficient business, not just keep the business ticking over.

Louis Maddison

ITSOL allow us to focus on our core business – accountancy & tax planning – they evaluate our hardware and gradually improve our systems. We are large enough to require a sophisticated network but too small to need in house IT professionals. Working in finance we need to be sure that our systems are robust and ITSOL solve these problems for us in a friendly manner with first class service, always there when we need them.

Sharon Clipperton, Winn

No business can afford the devastation of orchestrated cyber attacks. No matter how much those threats develop and how often they attempt to breach your defence, our specialist cyber security team keeps you compliant.